Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday, Monday

My favorite and least favorite day. I love it because it is a fresh unspoiled week. All plans are new and un-procrastinated. However, with scouts and many other meetings on Monday, it takes some of the fresh fun feel away. We also had a bowling day today which I did make it to. It only takes an hour(sometimes less) and is alot of fun. I get to talk my head off while the kiddos are completely occupied.

Now, I have a horrible confession to make. I cannot remember names anymore. It is very embarrassing. This happened many times at bowling today. It is so hard to connect and remember a name when you only see someone once a month! I rely on my children so much to help me with the kids names and then sometimes I tell them to go ask the kids what their Mom's name is and threaten their lives if they rat me out. Unless I have had a thoroughly bonding experience with another family or spent about 2 years with constant exposure to a name, I can't remember them. I am scared to death this is an early sign of dementia. I also things like "Go put these clothes in the dishwasher...YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT!!! DO IT!" This is all part of my plan to make my children not only brilliant, but also mind readers. Please tell me you do it too, OR let me know so I can get started on one of those preventive drug plans.

My word verification is: bxysx Sounds kind of square!!


Julie Anne said...

Hey Janice, I've made my blog private and I want to put you on the your email the same as it has been the last couple years or is it a new one?
I know you may not want to post it on here, but you can email it to me (same one you used to send me Pampered Chef news at)


Deborah and Sally said...

I know what you mean ! I used to be really good at names, but now I'm getting better at remembering faces rather than names.
Maybe it's because we're "getting older." (just kidding:)
I'll be thirty soon.