Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Five Things You Don't Know About Me

Sandy (see side-links) tagged me and since I take tagging so serious....

1. I don't "Love Lucy" or any other old sit-com. I also have a hard time watching old movies. I have never seen "It's A Wonderful Life" but have attempted it MANY times.

2. I am unable to learn music. It is VERY hard for me, verging on impossible. Harmony Road 2 has me as lost as an easter egg. AND...I don't want to learn it!!

3. I have no desire to learn to water-ski or snow-ski. I would love to learn to ice skate though. This is very unlikely since my roller-skating skills are so poor.

4. I have struggled with my weight since about age 8. However, I never went on a diet until I was in my mid-20's. Dieting made me FAT. Before that, I was just kinda chubby.

5. I had carpal tunnel surgery on both of my hands 2 years ago. One during Christmas, the other at the end of January. It worked and I am grateful to God and Phillip Hunt(surgeon).

Tags to my link list and Steph!


Steph said...

How about five thousand things you don't know about me. I will try to tackle this one tonight. I just blogged and don't have time right now. I laughed out loud when I read your Monday post, by the way. I can't remember my kids' names sometimes and they know better than to question a command that doesn't make sense. They can already read my mind, or at least my mood!

summer said...

i did it!!!

~DanaB~ said...

Just a note to say I've enjoyed your blog off and on for a bit now.
So sorry I missed the 'delurking' campaign--I'll have to owe you a dollar for that ;)
I've seen this 'five things..' several places lately n decided to do it on my blog, too.
[By the way, Julie is my little sister--isn't she a coolie person to know?!? :)]