Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Empathy for smokers??

First, a reminder to delurk!! I will make a contribution(over and above my usual contribution) based on this weeks commentors-so speak up!! It is de-lurking week.

Today, I had an unusual wave of empathy for, of all people, smokers. It happened while I was driving from my homemakers meeting to Lilly's music class (cause I am a stay-at-home mom). The lesson today was on eating healthier and also new year's resolutions. I did not resolve to lose weight this year as an official resolution but I did resolve last year to eat healthier and lose weight. I really thought last year that I would be sitting here today half of my former self-but I am the same minus one tiny insignificant pound. Alot of people in my club have lost or are losing weight. I decided this must be how it feels when you are still a smoker after all your friends quit. But I do smell like chocolate not a cigarette so I guess that is different.

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Anonymous said...

I work with people who manage to work out all the time... I think I'd rather blog! :)