Monday, November 27, 2006

Resistance is futile...

I am resisting the urge to deal with today-MONDAY-the way Garfield does, going back to bed. I have actually had a very productive weekend. 80% of my Christmas shopping is done and wrapped. I went shopping alone Saturday night and it was glorious. I love to shop alone. I like shopping with friends but if I actually need to accomplish something, I prefer to go it alone.

Our friends who moved to England have settled down and found the funniest address in the world. It is Butt house. How funny, my girls are laughing their heads off and telling all their friends. Knowing Ken and Debbie, this is deliberate. I have also heard from my friend Stephanie in Texas and actually had a phone conversation with my friend Heather in Colorado. God is teaching me something here, I'm not sure what. Lean on him? The world is big? Long distance bill restraint? My girl's letter writing skills? Probably the first one.

Happy Monday!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's awesome that you have most of your shopping done AND wrapped !! (no procrastination there:)
I've had most shopping done for months now, but I have yet to wrap anything, just thinking about it makes me tired.
I know what you mean about shopping ! I shop all the time with my friends, but when I just want to shop and get what I need (quickly) I go by myself as well.