Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just to Clarify!!

This is in response to a comment I had. Children are NOT always a product of their environment. I have known kids who came from Godly homes that did not reflect their upbringing and I have also known people who came from horrendous backgrounds who rose above it. You just cannot generalize people. God has a plan for each of us. If we start judging kids by their "environment", we will dismiss alot of potential leaders. Character is a learned thing fashioned largely by our environment, but it does not begin and end with parents. There are lots of opportunities for us to instill positive traits and qualities in kids who aren't seing that at home.

Climb off soapbox, wait one more thing. I did not come from an ideal home. I would not even call it Godly. Churchly, yes. Godly, no. The devil uses that as a weapon on me daily. I know I am not as Godly or loving as my children have the opportunity to be, yet God still allows me to be a part of his will. I was not taught modesty. We wore our clothes as revealing as we could-all four of us. We showed our butts before we had anything to show. We all four grew up to be modest women. Life is a great teacher and God is good.

I have to remind myself of all of this often, or I will disregard a soul and think I am better than they are. I am not.

Stepping off soapbox. I hope that did not come across as "holier than thou". I did not mean it that way. I just probably took an innocent comment a little too personal because for me it was. When we are born, we don't get to pick our "homelife". One of my questions for God when I get to Heaven. That and why several of my very patient and loving friends did not have kids despite planning and praying for them and he "surprised" me with three at a time when I wasn't quite "fit" for it.


Anonymous said...

Hey :)
I wanted to respond specifically to your post being you're talking about my comment.
I also want to clarify, I totally agree that children are not ALWAYS a product of their enviroment (I do think I said that.) I wasn't trying to generalize people in anyway, I also know people that have risen above all odds and have had awful childhoods !! I meant in NO way that we should judge children, my heart goes out to children that grow up in bad enviroments. I grew up with several foster/adopted children and I have seen the transformation that can take place when an abused and neglected child is placed in a family that offers love. I do not think these children are bad in anyway !!!! I was simply trying to show how as a Christian parent what has worked for me with teaching my daughter about modesty, and how the relation between enviroment and Christianity can make a difference, that's all:)
I totally agree that character does not begin and end with parents, thank God it doesn't huh :)
Also, please forgive me if I offended you, my intention was not so.
I also wasn't ready or "fit" for children. I honestly never wanted children and here I am with three. I love my children dearly but I struggle EVERYDAY with raising them ! I guess you could say I wasn't a "natural" when it came to parenting, but I've adjusted and grown into it.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. After re-reading my initial comment I realized I did say children are a product of their enviroment, I must say I was wrong in that statement. I see how it came across as me generalizing, I didn't mean it to come across in that way.:( Sorry !

Anonymous said...

It is true that some children can rise above their circumstances, and it is also true that some children can be raised with the best of intentions and choose to go their own way. Me must offer them to God constantly, the only one who can truly change their hearts. =)