Monday, October 30, 2006

What a weekend!

Saturday, after chores and lunch we headed to Bandy's pumpkin patch because we enjoyed it so much last year. It is quite a drive, but totally worth it! When we arrived, we were greeted with a sign that said the corn maze and hayride were closed due to muddy wet ground. At first we were very disappointed until we rounded the corner of the play barn. A new tunnel and slide, MORE tubs of corn, a jumpy house had all been added. The girls had a blast and it was indeed the fastest slide they had ever ridden.

Being so close(and yet so far) to Cape Girardeau gave Erik the idea that we should go there and walk around their downtown. The drive was totally gorgeous. Fall colors are primo right now!! The drive alone was great. We arrived in Cape via their new bridge(which is actually 3 years old now)and that bridge is phenominal!! Going home we saw it in the dark and it is awesome light or dark. The town is alot like ours in that it has murals on its floodwall and many historic downtown buildings. It varies a bit after that though, they do not have boat/river access at downtown, there are functional train tracks right by the floodwall, and since it is a college town, a bar every other building. We were arriving about 5 on Saturday though so it was calm on the barfront. We thoroughly enjoyed looking at the murals and exploring especially their courthouse which is high on the hill and gorgeous.

Our noses taking in the wonderful smell of BBQ made us have to visit Port Cape Girardeau, which was Grant's headquarters in the civil war for a brief time. After a fabulous supper, historic atmosphere-complete wtih a train coming by that we could watch through the windows, we tackled those courthouse steps. I was the only one sucking wind at the top. It is so fun to be the most physically unfit in my family!!
They were some steep straight up stairs though!

We had a very short time at Cape. We will definitely make a return voyage there to Rush Limbaugh's hometown. His picture is on the murals but I resisted the urge to take a picture of all of us around it and send it to Rush with a sappy fan letter. Bill O'Reilly would not have been so lucky. I guess I need to find out his hometown and see if there is a mural of him. Sorry, chased a rabbit, next time we will take in some museums and make a full day of it.

I rate it an A+ and the history lesson was a great bonus!!


Jacinda said...

I miss Kentucky!

Wednesday will mark 3 years since Maw Maw died so I've been thinking about 'ole Bl---Road quite a bit. You don't happen to have a digital camera where you could take a picture and email it to me do you? I'd like to see what it looks like now.

Susie said...

That's a pretty courthouse. And I bet it was a pretty town--despite being a Union General's headquarters. LOL.

You all have neat trips together. : )