Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Going to the $1 movie this morning. (I should be showering right now!)
True confession-sometimes I nap while they are all watching. Jimmy Neutron was a really good nap!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE fireworks!! We went to Mayfield and got there really early-walked to Sonic for milkshakes and a slushy. It was great! I saw an old friend from school and met her children. We were good nice parents and we did not lose our cool, we enjoyed our kids. (not losing my cool is one of the biggies I am working on and hope Erik is joining me)

We are visiting another church tonight. They are having a picnic and I hope Erik and I can get prayed over-we have lots of "crap" lately and I know it is of the devil. One of my good friends says we need to be aware of the spiritual warfare stuff going on and pray for God's protection. I agree. Soemday we will be able to do that at our home church-please God move us that direction!!

Found my spiritual inventory book but lost the worksheets from Billy's. I love me so. Why did God bless me with 3 children when I am such a spaz????

Today we hope to pack up and cart off the last of the things from Billy's trailor. I also hope to be nice to my children while we are doing that. They are such good kids too!! They are so eager to help. Why did God bless me with 3 children when I am such a spaz????

This time next week I will be in Chicago at Pampered Chef National Convention. I love Chicago!!! July is gonna be a blur!! The next week the big girls have camp and then the last week Erik is on vacation and we will try to do somethin' fun!!

Please pray for me as often as you think about me. (I know this is every minute of every day-ha) God is really moving me to make some positive much needed changes with my kids and spouse. It is easier to stay the same. It would be awful to stay the same. Soem of these changes will go against my nature in every way. God change my nature!!

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thruchildeyes said...

I missed you tonight. I prayed that you received the ministering that you needed. Thanks for being aware of God's working in your life and being bold enough to share it! I love you. Sara