Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well I am a big fat cheater cheater. I have cheated many times, but as my friend Julie said-I am still doing way better than I was. Once I cheated with the birthday cake at O'Charley's, it was all downhill from there. Oh and Holiday World? Nothing remotely whole grain or green there. I went with tacos which seemed to be the heathiest thing there.

This week the girls have been attending VBS at night with some friends. They are having a ball. I love Bible school. Next week it is daytime Bible school and that is totally the cat's meow!! What will I do!???!!!! Finish some books I think!!

Today we went to the $1 movie and then to the mall so Lilly could spend her birthday money. It was burning a hole in her pocket. She had a spree a Toys 'R Us and then all of the girls got new gauchos(I can't believe those things came back!!!) outfits, and then Lilly got some much needed new frocks from a sale at JCPENNEY. You would think with her being the third child, she would have plenty of clothes-but most of them are worn out and stained by the time they go through two girls. We had as much fun at the mall as a mom with 3 kids can have. We hardly EVER go there. I usually limit our shopping to yard sales. I was in Retail shock as we paid $71 for 3 new outfits. I could yard sale for a couple of months on that!!!

Gotta go, Erik and I will attend church tonight...just us. He will be in the sound booth though so I won't really see him at all while we are there. Anyhoo, it will still be nice not to ref during church.

Go see my friend Sarah at she is sooo cool!!

Have a great Wednesday


Juliabohemian said...

"The Cat's Meow?"
My grandmother used to say that.

Our church is doing a family VBS this year, so the parents come too.

Jacinda said...

Are they going to VBS at Reidland? Oh, the memories I have of Reidland Church of Christ VBS! I could write a whole blog.