Friday, June 16, 2006

Today is a ketchup day-read that catch-up not catsup (cat soup) which is totally disgusting!! I have so many things that I could do, that need to be done, that it is a little overwhelming!! Just a short list includes: mowing the yard, finishing up some painting, laundry(Mt. Washmore is alive and well again for those of you who were worried), getting ready for a yard sale that may or may not happen, tilling and hoeing a weedy garden. Of course there are more things that did not make the list, those are just the high notes!! (Musical references by musically challenged people are sooo funny.)

Anyway since I have so much to, I have decided to waste a morning on blogging and reading blogs. HEE HEE!! Hubby loves me so much when I am good and behind on everything. He slaved over the van last night, cleaning and detailing and removing all traces of wife and children for his band guys to ride in on their out-of-town gig. He is not going to let us in it again until they return. We live in the van and it is not pretty. We are working really hard on keeping his jeep lookin' purty. He is kind of a neat freak about vehicles. I am not. Too much living goes on in that van!! (Meals, crafts from VBS, church, library trips, yard sales, boating, beach days) Three kids have alot of stuff to go with them and it collects somewhere, actually everywhere!

Yesterday was totally awesome!! We went and took AR tests at the school we are doing a summer reading program at. The girls did well since it was non-fiction and the librarian says those tests are harder. Then we went to pick blueberries. We were late and they were very picked over so the guy GAVE us the bag of berries that we picked. Then some squash too!! Last night I made smoothies and they were yum yum-(strawberries, skim milk, non-fat plain yogurt, blueberries and splenda). The kids reminded me how the last smoothies I made were totally gross!! Blueberries are soooo good. These are kind of tart and tangy unlike the ones from the store which sort of taste perfumy. After that I went to see my friend Heather who lives near the blueberries and we were able to have a good visit despite 7 children(my 3, her 3 and the one she babysits). We hardly ever se each other so it was nice to visit a bit. Then we stopped at my friend Sherry's house to look at some furniture that will probably be Lilly's new furniture. We had a nice visit and she showed me all of the work they have done to their house and backyard-AWESOME!! Things were looking great. You would think that would inspire me to work around here more!!

After I took kiddos to VBS(No Jacinda, our church does not do Bible school any more, that is why I attend every VBS in the area-I justify it because our church doesn't have one. I would complain about it but that might set me up for organizing it and that scares me to death, frankly!!) my friend Crystal came over and we chatted while I finished my scrapbook pages for our homeschool yearbook. I finished right after she left and gave them to Sandy when I picked up kids from Bible school. Sandy-aren't you proud I made the deadline!!!! I was not sure I would. Then after baths and almost had the kids in bed, my friend Elaina came over. She got to help me tuck in and say prayers. Then we ate sugar free fat free ice cream (Erik had real ice cream and went to bed pretty quickly)and giggled into the wee hours of the morning. IT was a wonderful day. Now I am tired and lazy. I am going to go kickstart myself and finish painting the bathroom and work my way down my list I suppose.

I love a good work day, NOT!!!!!


Jacinda said...

So funny about why you don't complain! You're 100% right! One of my friends offered to organize ours this year and I'm helping her; I said I would organize ours next year. Yikes! It is a bit scary!

I'm sad y'all don't still have one. They were such fun with the "Booster, Booster song," green Bibles, huge sugar cookies, and drinks from the "real" drink machine where you pull the little pull thing. *sigh* Memories of times gone by.

jettybetty said...

You are sooo funny!

I make those kind of smoothies all the time--they are delish!

Enjoy your work day ;-)!!!

Susie said...

Wow. You don't have VBS at your congregation? And I was complaining that ours is only 3 nights. I really miss days gone by of 1 entire 5 day week at VBS! What happened to that?