Sunday, June 25, 2006

Our preacher really preached it to me today. All about loving our neighbors and not talking bad about people and showing Christ. I had to go up and repent and pray. I did not even have to think about it. It was like God had my number and he called directly through that sermon. I have been doing not so well at the love thing with lots of folks in my life and so it hit me like a ton o' bricks. I am so glad grace doesn't run out. His mercies are new every morning-HALLALUJAH!! I did not even mind it so much when I was the only one and there was the public prayer...someday, maybe, I won't be the only one who feels the need to go forward and pray. I have a dream that on days like today-everyone will go forward and pray together!! Lord you know we all need to love more and gossip less!!

My party went well Friday night, thanks ~d for asking. It wasn't a rip-roaring success in the sales department but it was a rip-roaring success in the having a good time with my friends (and one of my sisters) department. I actually prefer cozier gatherings. Most of my friends don't overlap(some of them are starting too!!YAY!!!) and so if a whole lot of people come, I am the only thing they have in common and that makes for a tough night. It was just right and I really enjoyed it. My nephews came with my sister and Erik and the kids stayed home(OUTSIDE). My nephews introduced my kids to the fabulousness of their woods. I knew they would discover it eventually, but all this time they have just stayed on the trail. I have not made them, they just have not ventured too far. Now they are begging to go exploring. I am still close enough to keep a good eye and the neighbors are right there too so it is all good!!

Erik had a gig far away last night and I was totally concerned when he called me about 8:30- he had been called by his Mom to be told that his uncle had a massive heart attack and they had to go identify the body. Erik has an older uncle that is battling cancer big time, but this was the baby brother. He is only eight years older than Erik and they kind of grew up together. Erik's dad really needs prayers!! The responsibility of this will fall mostly on him and Billy was sort of like a son(prodigal)to him. It makes me really sad because Billy did not know the Lord. I wish we had been in his life more but he sort of isolated himself AND WE LET HIM. My kids aren't sure who he is. It just makes me sad-a missed opportunity to share Christ and even more important, love. He kind of grew up to be the black sheep and then once he straightened up a little-just kept the title. It is going to be A HARD WEEK. Keep this family in your prayers.

I have done some of the trim work(just baseboards) in my living room and it looks awesome!! I went with a brownish taupe color on the walls (the color of hubby's coffee,heavy on the cream, which is what he requested and I bought at that yard sale not to long ago)with very white trim. It is indeed very white!! Dazzingly white. I hope I can finish it all this week. We'll see.

Already sold something on ebay. That was quick. I will be an ebay queen as I sort through all this stuff and post it!!

Gotta go, potluck tonight at church and we are going!! I am needing me some fellowship!!


Susie said...

I think most people (women especially) are guilty of gossip. You've inspired me. I'm gonna try harder this week to just smile and nod. ; )

jettybetty said...

I love reading every word of what you write--if I am not laughing or crying--I am probably shouting AMEN!

I love your soft heart, too--you just encourage me so much!

Sandy said...

I bet lots more people would come forward if they would stop announcing your name every time they did it-yikes! You are a brave woman!(((hugs))))

~d said...

WOW. the uncle thing kind of grabbed onto me and held on...God Bless