Friday, June 23, 2006

I have a new best friend...VINEGAR!!! Behold the power of vinegar!! It is a completely non-toxic way to clean and washing it down your drains is wonderful for them, send some baking soda down with it once a month(or week if 4 women live in your home) and keep your drains clear!!

I have been a cleaning freak and I don't have the headache I usually get when cleaning. IT IS AWESOME stuff!!

I just wish my house smelt less like...a pickle. Just kidding-it fades and smells more like...fresh paint. OR that could be some of my fresh paint.

I am going now to light candles. Pampered Chef party here tonight at 6:30. Come join the fun!! OR place an order at .


HAve an awesome weekend!


~d said...

Plain white vinegar or maybe tarragon?

Enjoy your party tonight!

jessica said...

Love pampered chef... have it all...

I use vinegar in a load of laundry that I started and forgot (happens about once a week) it takes the spoiled smell out much better than just washing it again.

jessica said...

Oh... and coke cleans the drains and toilets well too... so just imagine was it does to your stomach!

jettybetty said...

Too funny--hope the candles covered the pickle smell and you had a great party!

I love vinegar too! So much better than all that chemical stuff--who knows what is in it?