Monday, June 19, 2006

I did two loads of laundry (completely) and finished painting the bathroom and painted my living room. WOW!! This was my best weekend ever! I still have lots of trimmming to do, but I will do that a little at a time. It is way harder to trim than to paint. I still can't believe how much progress I made and we did Father's Day visits as well and went to a birthday party(not swim though-cause the rains came!!). It is probably because I am having a lustful affair with sugar again. I am back on track today but it was a "sweet" weekend. I really made up for the sugar I had missed in a week off. Now, I really feel it. Not feeling good, lack of energy, the cravings. I am going back on track but I am going to allow myself an occassional splurge so that I don't have week-long affairs with sugar. I was discussing carbs with a friend of mine doing a similar diet change and I have discovered that I am consuming huge amounts of carbs-like 3 days worth in one day. Part of that is because whole grains have so many carbs-the other part is that I did not even consider counting carbs and that maybe that has something to do with my sluggish weight loss. I am back on track-but still a little hung over from 3 fun size milky ways yesterday alone, Oh and glorious bithday cake.

Erika got to stay up a little late last night to finish her drawings. Then she was up at about 6AM "Mom, are we going to the fair to drop off my things?" "Honey, they won't even take them until 7:30-GO BACK TO BED!!!" She did not. I got up about seven and got my shower and took her fair entries to the fair(she entered a colored drawing, black and white drawing and a purse she knitted), returned tater sacks to the Girl Scout office, and dropped off a host packet to a Pampered Chef party haver. Then I dropped my kiddos off at VBS 5 minutes early which is about how long it takes to get my cards filled out. SANDY-let's invent that kid info stamp!! We'll be rich. Every mom with more than two children will want one. Anyway, then I came home and made my cookies for the fair and then drove back and dropped them off. I also sized up the competition. I had the only sugar free cookie entry as of 11:25, so I may have a shot of winning something. Next year we will definitely have more entries!! Last year we had none, baby steps. I am amazed at all the homeschoolers that enter. Without us there would be no fair. I can't wait to see how we do.

My big girls have sewing camp in about 30 minutes, so I guess I had better get off of here. Busy weeks make me more productive. Why is that? Or maybe it is the three hours of alone time that soothed my soul today!!

Have a super Monday!!


thruchildeyes said...

I like your stamp idea. I've only got one kid, but I'd buy it!

jessica said...

So productive... do they sale that in a bottle?