Saturday, May 27, 2006

Yesterday, I mowed the yard-all of it!! After hubby got home he was all freed up to till between our rows in the garden, make some extra rows and then he went to get tomoato plants. Our garden is totally done and rockin' now. I love having a garden. Mostly I enjoy the family bonding when we all work in the garden together. The kids have a row of flowers that is planted in bunches...I wonder how they will turn out?

I can't wait to get fresh veggies. All of our seeds are sprouted and Erik could not help but buy pumpkin plants (I had tons of pumpkin seed-whatever) , more squash plants and watermelon plant along with the tomato plants. I am a firm believer in planting from seeds, but hubby likes the instant results plants offer. I like the plant from a seed, watch it sprout and then be the same size as the plants he bought. I keep trying to tell him there is a transplant factor-when you transplant, it "shocks" the plants a little and stunts their growth for a time while they acclimate to a new setting. I have no proof except-the seeds catch right up and sometimes pass the transplants. It happens year after year so I must be right...someone corroberate my theory!!!

We are off to yard sale and then go to a wedding this afternoon. I love weddings!


Susie said...

Wish I could do the garden thing. I have a brown thumb. And the plants would only die from care only on my days off. ; )

Heather said...

You are absoulutely correct - plants do go thru transplant shock.

Depends on the plant how fast seeds catch up - the store bought plants are a real advantge if you have a short growing season.

ALSO - sometimes those plants are already stressed from going from growing in a greenhouse, to being shipped to the stores, improper care at the store, and then transplanted into your garden. I compare it it a toddler moving to a new house and gettin a baby sister all at once. It can go great but there will most likely be a couple bumps in the road.

Even alot of the "farmer's markets" around here ship in ther plants - so there is quite a bit of stress on them.

Plus you get better variety with seed -- LOL! I LOVE starting from seed!

You can tell DH you heard it her from your Master Gardener!

BohemianMama said...

Yummmyyy! I look forward to having room for a garden. My dad kills me, he has 5 acres and doesn't do a garden. I think that's nuts! I'd be tearing that place up with vegetables.

Juliabohemian said...

My Mom always warned me about putting too many seeds in one spot. But, since hardly anything I plant grows, I really wouldn't know. Where I live the soil is hard and dry or clay-like. Most of my stuff is in pots.