Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Can we squeeze one more thing into today? I think NOT! We got up this morning and took our old couch(You might be a redneck if the Salvation Army won't take your old couch!)to the dump along with some other things. Then went to take pics of an old mailster that my hubby is going to put on ebay for someone. What is a mailster you say? They are old 3-wheeled urkel-looking mobiles that used to delver the mail-very similar to a 3-wheeeled golf cart that is a box instead of a cart. I digress(always!). Then we went to Mr. Gatti's best pizza in town...honest, came home from there, dropped off the trailor we hauled our junk on and picked up the boat.

We were all set for another shot at fishing. We got to the lake around one-ish. We decided to fish right on the banks of one of our local camps. I cast my line out one time and started reeling in and got my line stuck in brush or a rock. I handed it to Erik, master line untangler and he reeled in the crappie I had caught!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS AMAZED!!! ONE CAST!!!! YEAH!!!!!! I CAUGHT A FISH!!!!! I was a fishing pole hog the rest of the day, but caught no more. We must buy more poles so we can all fish. Later Erik reeled in a small-mouth bass and we started thinking we were gonna get some fish for supper out of this day! We were wrong. We got sunburns and hot crabby kids whose parents were total fishing pole hogs. We made the day better for them by going to a marina and buying them sodas and junk food and then taking them to "rope beach" and letting them play. It is named that because there is a rope in a tree you can swing out into the lake on. Erik and Erika are the only ones to do it. It reminds me of a Mountain Dew commercial. I don't like mountain dew-I am a mello-yello girl and so I don't swing on it. It has nothing to do with my irrational fear of jumping in water or heights. The kids do not like boating near as much right now because they love to swim. The water is only up to 64 degrees so we must wait awhile to swim still. 70 degrees is swim weather...only 6 small degrees!

We got home about 5PM-ish and mowed the yard. Erik also tilled the garden. Are we out-of-control or what!! All three girls got their much needed baths/showers and off to bed at a little before nine. They got frozen pizza instead of fish. I have not eaten since the best pizza in town...honest. Dear hubby is frying me a burger now and will be much rewarded later ( :

I can't wait to get my shower!!

Have a super duper Wednesday!

Jettybetty-I will reply to you soon!! Thanks for being so prompt even though you thought you weren't!

PS. Hubby confessed today that he does read my blog...what a big fat liar. Oh yeah, you read it, ET! I guess he loves me after all. ( ; If he really loved me he would comment!

Severe weather heading our way...keep us in your prayers if you are a late-night lurker/reader!


Susie said...

Congratulations on your fish! Sounds like you had a fun and eventful day! : )

summer said...

those are good days. after a day like that, i always like a day to chill. my kids really do too. we had a day like that yesterday and today we are chillin!!! love ya,