Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I LOVE this shirt!!!!!!! Sometimes I think I am the only one who feels this way about how people dress. I love summer, but the things on this shirt are so much worse in the summer. It is even worse when I see fat people doing it!! What are they thinking? Obviously they aren't thinking. Even if I were lovely and thin-I am not- I would not be caught dead in a thong bathing suit or anything else that showed way too much skin. I think tshirts and tanktops fill the bill no matter how hot it is. I have to really talk myself into tank tops because I don't have good arms. I just figure they look better with a little sun.

SANDY- I hold you personally responsible for the cold snap. Putting up all your winter clothes guarantees a cold snap and it just is not fair to those of us who still have both seasons of clothes out...all over the house...wavering every day like you are supposed to during April in KY.

Yes, I do write those questions on the profile, glad you caught my writing style.

It has been a while since my last post. Saturday was awesome, we did much needed yard work. Sunday was so unpredictable, will it storm or won't it. Yes it will, oh my,"girls get under the table on your pallet" in the windowless dining room!! It really could have been a doozy!! I am so glad it was not. I was so happy to hear our region of the country is the new tornado alley. LOVELY!! We now get to fear every storm and contemplate building a wizard of oz shelter.

Yesterday was better than sex, can I say that??? Better than sex with a side of chocolate!! I went bargain hunting with my friend Jennifer and we found some awesome deals on much-needed clothes for our children. Even though we had our six xhildren in tow (!!!!?????) it was a very fun day. Our kids are little bargain hunters as well and it works out great. We plan to hit yard sales soon!!! I love bargains.

Today it is back to school and back to getting my yard sale crap together for me. I am doing well-much more progress than I expected to have made by Tuesday!! My kids are really whining about wanting spring break...I had to remind them of Disney when it was our break-and longer than spring break too!!

Gotta go get to work. MOMENTUM!!! Have to roll with it when you have it!!

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