Sunday, April 09, 2006

I confessed and apologized to my husband today that I posted that he was a horse's butt and more. He doesn't care, doesn't read it, would never know, but the guilt was eating me alive. I hate that about me...and also love it. It stinks to be so compelled to tell the truth that it eats away at you. Honesty is not a gift. Please never ask me, "How do I look in this dress?". For 2 weeks at least and every time I see you in it, I will feel bad that I gave a "nice" answer. I will wish I had just told you the truth and then I would not feel so bad every time I see you in it!! On the other hand, just take me shopping with you and I will not ever let you buy it and then we won't be in this mess!!!

I also feel badly that I posted negatively about my husband, although, he does have many vices as do I. If we took some sort of compatability test, I am sure we would fail miserably and the proctor would advise us to never marry. God put us together though, so we are coming up on 12 years with his grace, mercy and blessing. He is a wonderful man and I like to think I am a wonderful woman-we are just very different. I love to talk and he just doesn't. I love to analyze things and plan, he doesn't. I love to visit with friends and he can tolerate that in very small doses, but would rather lay around on the couch and watch TV, quietly, small talk during commercials. Our ideal friends would love to lay around and watch TV , never talk(except during said commercials). I love to talk and play games-especially word games with friends. The list never stops but those are the biggies. I love him alot and I am glad he puts up with me and I am with prayer and supplication, able to put up with him!!!LOL!!!


The yard sale went great. I got to talk and visit with two of my good friends all day long and the kids were well behaved. It was lovely. We did sell alot and we also gave alot away and that was a blessing just the same as the extra cash!! I have my new couch and loveseat in my living room and I just love it even though it is not exactly what I wanted (leather). It is very nice, clean and comfy. Leather would probably not be such a good idea for us anyway-cats really like to scratch!! We also go to church with the people we bought it from and if you buy used furniture, it is really nice to know the people it came from!!


Erika is officially in her new bedroom and the schoolroom is no more. We bought a matress and box springs for the bed we had in the attic. She did not need her own room as much as Lilly needed a room she could go to and play in. She was just going and playing with all the stuff that belonged to Erika. She now has her own room to and a new kitcxhen to go in it. We had one before but I got tired of it always being in the way. Now it will be in her room and she will love it (OR ELSE).


The kittens are growing and getting cuter every day. They are starting to move around. I think my friend is going to take them all...unless we keep one then she will take 3. That is pretty cool to already have a home. She may also just go get some somewhere else-she is fun that way...impatient as all get out! (Very southern statement!!)


I am going now to make dessert for CARE group (small groups at church). This is a new one and we were not able to go last week. I am making dessert. Can anyone say chocolate? Have a blessed Sunday!!

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Susie said...

Oh Gosh! I can sure say CHOCOLATE! What kind of chocolate did you make? Yummy!