Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stomach bugs rawk!!

Sandy, sounds like Nathanael got the pukes(or was his singular) just a few hours after Lilly-sorry if that makes us carriers! At bowling on Monday, about 1:45, I look over at Lilly who appears to be spitting a little. I actually looked at her and said, "Stop that!". Her reply was projectile vomit. WHOO HOO! The bowling alley people were soo sweet. LOL They brought over paper towels, fantastic(?), and a wet rag that I was just to throw away when done. I was instructed to clean it all up please-which I did.

She continued to be sick the rest of the day and night. She also just laid in a heap on my kitchen floor most of the night(!!!!) despite me begging her to get off of our floor onto the couch. Next day(Tuesday) she is all better, but must be coaxed into eating and drinking-appetite slowly coming back today.

Erika says her stomach hurts Tuesday afternoon and the cycle repeats. She threw up the rest of the day and through the night but woke up feeling fine today. She is very slow to return back to the eating world as well.

This afternoon, my mom and I pressed our luck on Kayla not getting sick and went Easter dress shopping. We were headed for Ky Oaks but as we chatted, Clarksville called us and we answered the we could go to...TARGET. We hit a bullseye too.

New dresses and hats for all and very reasonable. Lilly's was 19.99 and the big girl's were 22.99. They are very pretty too. No one needed a new dress of course, but my mom loves to buy them dresses for Christmas and Easter. Times were very hard when my sisters and I were growing up and we hardly ever had any extra money. I know my mom is enjoying having the money to do for my girls what she wasn't able to do for us. She also goes crazy with the egg hunt at her house as well. It seems like so much more fun to be a grandma. I hope people are still having children when my girls grow up so I can be a grandma too!!

Anyway, I am off to bed, we have a full day lined up for tomorrow!!


Sara said...

I think it is passing through church. I have heard of multiple families that have been down this week! Yuck...please not me!

Missed you guys last night.

heartsjoy said...

You poor thing. I must admit I was laughing pretty hard at the alley people asking you to clean it all up please....still laughing. Paper towells? Do these workers have kids? Hope your kids get better quick, that is never a fun virus to get!