Monday, January 02, 2006

We went to the Nashville mall today, Opry Mills. We entered through the Apple Barn and I began to plan my sin. We walked around the mall, had a wonderful meal at the Macaroni Grill (After we walked through the Aquarium restaurant and decided it smelled really bad and we did not wish to eat there.) We hit all our favorite stores...Old Navy, Build A Bear, Osh Kosh, Limited Too, Candy Craze. We commited to playing GLOW GOLF next time we go. We mostly just did a quick walk through as our trip to FORK'S DRUM CLOSET (where Erik bought a new much un-needed but much loved BLACK BEAUTY snare drum) (It kind of evens out the laptop!) lasted a little longer than anticipated. As we were leaving the mall I did it. I said, "Erik will you please go and buy an apple dumpling with ice cream for all of us to share?" Planned sin...the worst kind. I only had a few bites and then some candy when we dropped off Lilly at my mom's to spend the night. And a bite of cake. I am thinking I should go ahead and have a bowl of ice cream since I already blew it today. Back on the wagon tomorrow.

Happy New Year...I hate that my first post of the year is a confession of weakness. I have decided not to "give up" any food again. It brings out the monster in me. My family is glad I had sugar because I was getting a little mean. (even meaner than usual..LOL) I will just strive to eat half as much as I normally do. That should lose me 20-30 lbs and then I can split the amount I eat in half again. I hate diets where you give stuff up...forbidden fruit taste as sweet as an apple dumpling.

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