Tuesday, January 03, 2006

All In A Day's Work

It is so hard to get back on a wagon after you have fallen off!!! I guess the inventors of that phrase knew that. I am doing better today. My splurge-a-thon yesterday will probably do me in as I weigh-in tomorrow. I hope to be strong today and tomorrow.

Mount Washmore is but a small foothill. I am conquering slowly but surely today.

I am also through mounds(literally-unfortunately) of paper clutter as well. It starts off as neat piles, but depending on where I stack them, becomes mounds. I will declutter this year. I will. 2006 is the year for my clutter to be gone!!

Then I will attempt to finish painting. I bought paint long ago and now is the time to actually put it on the walls!! I love to plan and start a good project. I just so don't like finishing them!! Paper clutter here I come!!

1 comment:

summer said...

good luck. you can do it. then post a picture of your accomplishment for me to see!