Thursday, December 15, 2005

Only 10 more days until Christmas!!! I can't believe how quick!! Today we will get our school work done and then we are off to make gingerbread houses with our homeschool group. It should be alot of fun. It was supposed to be last week but it was cancelled due to all the snow and ice. Tuesday we went to the planetarium for a Christmas field trip. They had two Christmas shows and then Santa came and passed out candy canes. It was alot of fun. We brought our lunches and had a picnic with another family. It was a little chilly but all of the girls played and had so much fun. They played Indians and built forts in the woods. As long as Lisa and I could tough it out (we were, of course, not playing so we were very cold!!) we let them have much needed play outside time.

My girls cannot wait for Christmas!! They are only allowed to ask for a couple of things or Santa will think they are greedy and won't bring anything. I am so mean!! Erika wants camoflauge pants, Kayla wants a virtual pet, and Lilly would like one of everything on the commercials. They are really good kids as far as stuff goes. After I cleaned out about 500 toys and got them down to just a few-they really play with their toys alot. We did have so many toys that the "game" was pulling them all out and destroying whatever room they were in. I still see that when we visit other people. All of the kids play the trash the room game. Kids just have way too many toys!! I think it is the same way with us, we have so much around us that it paralyzes us and makes us stressed. This is true whether it is "stuff" or papers, or in my case, that nasty, nasty word, LAUNDRY!!! We get overwhelmed and lose our focus. I blame laundry for all the world's problems. I love camping and vacations so much because there is no laundry...well at least until you get home.

I need to get off of here now and start the day. Make yours a good one!!

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