Saturday, December 17, 2005

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat (me too!)...Please put a penny in the old man's hat. I must research the origins of that song-it makes no sense, it does rhyme though!

I just got out of the bath after tucking everyone in. I had to brush Kayla's hair for her tonight because she had not gotten all the way to the bottom layer in a while. TORTURE!! I once read in one of those email lists of things that make you smile, there is nothing more sweet than combing a little girl's hair. They have never combed the hair of my littlegirls!!! It is a nightmare. They start screaming before the brush makes it to their hair. I had to have a long soak in the tub to recover. I do not enjoy fixing my own hair either. I am also very tenderheaded and cry a little when I go to the salon. I do it silently, but tears stream down my cheeks. I hate when that happens.

Christmas draws ever closer!! Something is missing in me this year...I think it is the build-up. I feel like I just turned a corner and it smacked me in the face. I suppose that corner was Halloween and I should have known. It seems so early and then you blink and it really wasn't that early. We may celebrate the twelve days of Christmas this year...we are studying the orogins and history of Christmas-very fascinating stuff. That will extend it into January and people will think us veyr weird but I am pretty sure they already do! They used to use candles on Christmas trees for lights. Talk about a fire hazard. I am freaking out with just lights. Last year we did not even put any lights on the tree, just decorations. It is a little scary to have a real tree, but I can't flouf out the branches on artificial trees so we had to go with another plan...and they smell so good!

Gotta go, hubby had a late night drumming last night and the tap- tap -tapping of keys is making him sigh very loudly every minute or so. Just in case I forgot he is in here or something. Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!!

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