Sunday, October 09, 2005

Silence is golden...Also very rare in a household of five. I am listening to the sounds of nothing as I decide what to write about today. Lilly is taking a much needed nap and Erika and Kayla are working on a coloring contest page. Erik is watching TV but has the volume so low I can barely hear it. I have a love-hate relationship with Sunday afternoons. I love to go-anywhere, anytime! I also love to stay home and just kick back. Sundays are hard because this is Erik's one guaranteed day off and I want to do something, anything as a family!! On the other hand, because this is Erik's one day off, I want us to enjoy being at home as a family. There really is no answer to this dilemna! My thinking is usually, since we are all up and dressed nice, let's go somewhere. Erik's is let's have a day of rest. The two-year-olds in each of us usually bicker a bit and we agree on some sort of compromise. My big problem with staying home, is that some sort of work always follows, laundry, bill paying/filing, general housework. Having done all of these things for 6 days, I do not want to make a 7th but I must respect that my husband sees the need for it! I should capitalize on his willingness to help, I just don't want to do housework any more than he wants to pack mail. I think we are going to Sam's. Grocery shopping is usually the compromise. Win/win. We are doing something together and getting out of the house. Erik's win is that while he must get out, it is finite!! We will be coming right back after Sam's or the food goes bad!! He also likes to go to Sam's and listens to the radio while I breeze through Aldi. Of course when we get home, he relaxes and I work-but for some reason I enjoy shopping and putting away. It must be that nesting/gathering instinct handed down from primitive woman. I think I hate laundry because it is unnatural to have so many clothes!! I just can't get the rest of the world on board with the two outfits a piece rule. One to wear, one to launder for the next day. Imagine all the $$ saved in water, detergent and clothing!!! We would all be millionaires. Now imagine all the time saved...No basket of socks...No mount washmore...Join me at where all the world is patient and happy-just kidding, probably a porn site!!

Tomorrow I am taking my girl scouts fishing, with a field guide, of course! Fishing with just me would guarantee they never fished again! It is not fun to go and catch 0 fish. It is basically throwing bait into the lake a little at a time. We have done that some but it really is much more fun to catch fish. I am very excited.

Later in the week we may go and camp. I have some other friends going and it should be a fun time. It may not work out though because the Post Office has had a management change and they haven't quite figured it all out just yet. That means Erik may not get his scheduled long weekend. I hope he does though!!

I hope everyone out there has a great week, I will try to be more regular with my postings!

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